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Welcome to the Kelvin Valley

Come back and visit us again from time to time
to learn more about this lovely part of Bonnie Scotland. 

The Forth and Clyde Canal was finally opened again on the 25-27th May 2001. To mark the event a flotilla of boats made the passage from the new lock near the motorway in Grangemouth, via Falkirk, the Kelvin Valley and onward to Glasgow.

Below are some pictures of the boats as they arrived at Auchinstarry Basin where they overnighted on 26th May.

The canal has always been famous for big course fish but the biggest ever seen is shown below!!

Large Fish are found in the Canal!

The Forth and Clyde Canal Society Boat - the society has worked tirelessly for many years to bring about this great day.

Forth & Clyde Canal Society Boat
(at the opening)
Selection of Craft during the Opening near Auchinstarry

The whole of the Forth & Clyde Canal and now the Union Canal are open throughout their length. Between the two is the Falkirk Wheel - a modern wonder. Each week many visitors make their way to the canal whether to the tourist attraction of the Wheel or for the quieter stretches here in the Kelvin Valley.

Come and see for yourself and enjoy the Kelvin Valley. Many folk do and soon you may be able to stay in the new hotel at the marina at Auchinstarry. Below is the new marina in Jan 2005 with already boats moored.


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