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Welcome to the Kelvin Valley

Come back and visit us again from time to time
to learn more about this lovely part of Bonnie Scotland. 

The A B C s
of the Kelvin Valley

FORTH AND CLYDE CANAL Canal in summer near Auchinstarry Basin
Constructed in the seventeen hundreds, the Forth and Clyde canal runs between Bowling in the West of Scotland and Grangemouth in the East. The current 'Millennium Link' project is joining the Forth and Clyde Canal and the Union Canal to provide a navigable waterway between East and West Scotland.
The canal is popular with fishermen, walkers, cyclists, water and nature lovers alike.

On the 25/26th May 2001 it was finally opened again as all the blockages and restriction had been removed. The event was celebrated by a special event. Click Here to see more


See its own page - Click HERE

Taking the Tak-ma-doon road leads up from Kilsyth to the hills and the Carron forest. The car park view point on the Tak-ma-doon road offers extensive views to Goatfell on Arran and to Bewick Law. The Carron Dam has picnic tables and toilets for visitors, and is popular for walking and cycling as well as fishing. An interesting walk in the Kilsyth Hills for the experienced walker is from Kilsyth to Allenfauld, on to the Packmen's Graves (ref. 717813), to Tomtain, Garrel Hill, Laird's Hill, Corrie, Balcastle and back to Allenfauld, Kilsyth. The round trip takes about just over 5 hours.

This busy small town lies mostly to the south of the River Kelvin and the line of the Antonine Wall. The Forth and Clyde Canal bisects the main street and has had many links with the town.

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