River Kelvin
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Welcome to the Kelvin Valley

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The A B C s
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So where, and what is the River Kelvin?

Well it is a fairly short river (by national standards) that runs from the hills in Central Scotland, west to join the River Clyde in Glasgow. It is fed from the hills above Kilsyth via small streams and is first designated as the River Kelvin at the aptly named Kelvinhead hamlet. Initially it runs south, then soon turns to run west passing on the south side of Kilsyth. At this point this is the last point you might leap across it - after the bridges here it becomes too wide except for long jumpers!

As it continues onward it gain in strength as more tributaries join. From Kilsyth it flows west with a footpath on its north bank as it passes Dumbreck marshes on the north side and flows between Queenzieburn and Twechar as it continues west towards Kirkintilloch.

The Kelvin passes to the north of Kirkintilloch and after Kirkintilloch it passes south of Torrance, Balmore, Bardowie before turning more south-west towards Maryhill and onward to the Clyde. On its way, it passes the University of Glasgow, Botanic Garden area, the Kelvin Hall and it not far from the Yorkhill Hospital.

Throughout the length of the River Kelvin, it always within just a few miles of the Forth & Clyde Canal and is used as an overflow for the canal.

As with most rivers in Britain, it used to suffer from pollution but now it is very healthy and is an important element in the local wildlife.


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